People are Saying Software Billions is Like a Scam

I asked my buddy about the Software Billions Club because I saw it online - and he's like 'dude that's a SCAM!'.  I asked him how he figured that out, and he showed me these places where people had written reviews and such about how it was all a big ripoff.  It's not like he read some kind of report, or he knew someone who was a member and observed their desktop while they were logged into the membership web site.  He really had no clue if it was legit or not, he just went by some ramblines online.
So, here's the thing.  I signed up for Software Billions as a member because I wanted to see how the club worked.  I know that lots of people would be so skeptical that they would never signup, but that's just not me.  I figured if it was garbage, I could just cancel.  Then I logged in for the first time and I was kinda shocked at all the information. You figure that you might login and there be a little good info, but good Lord- there was so much in there I couldn't even take it all in!  I've been a member for a few months and I still have hundreds of not thousands of things to go through.
The club gives you access to two things that are worth the membership fee alone:  tools, and content.  The Software Billions Club is about selling digital content online.  Creating web sites and selling eBooks.  Belonging to the club gives you free access to all these different ebooks that you can market in your web site.  You can create as many web sites as you want to sell these, and an ebook is digital - that means that there's no limit to how many you can sell!
The content alone would be enough for a lot of people to signup and become a member, but what sets the Software Billions Club apart from the other make money outfits online is that they actually want to see you succeed in making money - so you stay a member.  That's why they give so much support material, so many tutorials, and help videos, it's like someone is literally looking over your back and being you online coach!
There's one thing I failed to mention - as a member you are entitled to be in the monthly drawings for prizes.  That's right - they give away cash and prized each month to members!  I've never heard of such a thing for a paid membership online - ever.  I just thought you should know that the Software Billions Club is not a scam, and it took me actually signing up to see for myself that it was for real!