Chad Timothy Nelson

Chad Timothy - Wait his last name is Nelson?

I searched for that Chad Timothy Guy and found some reviews that had his last name as Nelson.  I guess he's known both ways.  I was trying to find out how he got his start, because a friend told me about the Software Billions Club.  That thing is something else - it's not what I expected at all.  You see all the hype and what-not, I get a lot of spam that says you can "work from home" - I think most of that garbage is just designed to take your money.  I thought the same thing about Chad's club at first too, I mean it takes a lot of nerve to name your web site the "Billions Club" doesn't it?  It makes it sound like he's that guy off of Gilligan's Island or something.

So I did the research and I read the reviews.  I still wasn't sure.  I mean, the reviews were kinda more hype than the web site itself.  I wonder if those were paid reviews or some guy on staff wrote them or something.  You never know about that stuff - I mean, I'm a pretty skeptical guy by nature.  Most of the so-called "reviews" didn't really even have any specifics as to what the club was about anyway.  I guess that's what good hype is really - pumping you up, without really telling you what you're actually buying at all, or at least making it sound better than it is so you'll signup.

Despite my mis-givings, I signed up just to see what would happen, figuring I could just cancel if it didn't work out.  It sure wouldn't be my first failed attempt at trying to make some extra money on the Internet.  I gotta say I was kinda blinded by all the information that I found, videos, tutorials, help files, and step by step instructions.  Oh, my bad - I'm doing the same thing all the reviews I read did - not telling you what it's all about.  I finally found out that the "club" gives you access to these ebooks that you can download and build a web site around.  You start with one site, and you make money by selling these digital ebooks because they give people the information they want, and being "digital" you can start an online store without any inventory or worrying about shipping.

I mean, the thing is genius really - people buy books every day in the bookstore, but so many people are now searching online that they're not buying books and newspapers as much.  They're buying more and more "ebooks", and now Sony, Amazon, and other companies are selling "e-readers" that can store hundreds and thousands of books.  If you ask me, this ebook thing is like the new online revolution.  Did you know that if you publish a book and sell it in the book store you'd be lucky to make $1 per copy sold?  What if I told you that when you start your own online ebook store that you get to keep all the profits!

The Software Billions Club is not for everyone, Chad Nelson whatever - (oh hell, I forgot the Timothy this time, lol) - he'll tell you that you need a entreprenural sprit and a drive to succed.  You have to want to do it and be willing to working on it a little bit each day.  Most of us just sit numbly watching TV every night anyway after a hard days work - wouldn't you rather be putting that time to good use?  Check out the Software Billions Club, tell Chad I sent ya!